About Me

Just like it says ..I’m Just Another Book Bitch sharing my opinions on books, giving you freebies and all the latest book deals. Though I usually save those post for Facebook since it’s always changing! So if you’re not already, make sure you’ve liked my Facebook page

Born the second out of six, I maintain I’m the best one 😀 …contrary to my siblings’ beliefs LOL. I’m married and mom to two that shall be known as The Girl and The Boy. Mom to the best fur baby that ever lived! You’ll see her on Instagram and Facebook sometimes because unlike her “siblings” (the boy and the girl) she lets me take her picture… sort of… lol 

I PA for authors Ker Dukey, Kirsty Moseley, Sienna Blake and USA Today bestseller Hanna Peach. I handle social media sites, book tours, and anything else my girls need. If you are interested in my services please contact me through Facebook to discuss details. (Please understand not all applicants will be accepted at this time). 

My book tastes are all over the place! I love dark erotica, new adult, romcoms, chick lit, and my favorite reading addiction is YA fantasy. I find that they all complement my crazy personality perfectly. I feed my demons and entice the romantic girl  I have locked away inside. I love breaking up the monotony with a great paranormal read. I feel it cleanses the reading palate.  




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